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Things I Never Thought I'd Do (in 2020)

As I looked across my social media feeds this past week, sentiments about 2020 were noticeably mixed. Some enthusiastically bid good riddance to the year that's kept us all grounded (and somewhat scared). Others embraced the not-so-gentle nudge it provided for increased time at home, less rushing, and more creating. Whatever your feelings might be heading into the new year, as someone whose work is centered in continuous learning, particularly as adults, I think it's important to recognize the things we did do and how we grew.

So here is my list of things I never thought I'd do (in 2020):

  • Read 36 books - you can check out my full 2019 and 2020 lists on GoodReads

  • Plant a garden (and keep most of it alive)

  • Jar my own pickles and jalapenos

  • Watch almost weekly backyard movies with my kids

  • Go on daily walks with my husband

  • Learn to (finally) poach an egg

  • Fly under 20,000 miles

  • Shift 100% of my business (at least for the time being) to virtual spaces

  • Order so much takeout while also cooking more than ever in my life

  • Bake so many cookies and brownies

  • Run the dishwasher twice a day

  • Stockpile toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and Clorox wipes

  • Learn so much about web cams, microphones, and video editing software

  • Take courses in photography, copyrighting, and digital marketing

  • Find space in my schedule for regular women's leadership groups and accountability pods

  • Play this much Uno and Monopoly and still live to tell about it

  • Light up the night with hundreds of glowsticks, sparklers, and campfires

  • Take my kids on mid-day hikes - because we could

  • Reconnect with so many friends and family members without leaving home

  • Learn to embrace pausing, pivoting, and uncertainty

  • Leap even when I wasn't ready (if you're doing it right, it will be uncomfortable regardless)

We certainly lost a lot this past year, but I am choosing to focus on what was gained, how we can learn from it, and build something truly amazing together in the months to come.

Share what you never thought you'd do in 2020.


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