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Closing Tabs

The number of tabs I have open in my web browser and my brain continues to grow. I keep adding just one more, and then another, despite my best intentions not to. These tabs relate to my own professional responsibilities, my kids' activities, and self-care goals I've established for myself that I want to make sure don't get lost in the mix of things.

So, what do I do? I continue to open one tab after another and start to lose focus.

It's that time of year when our resolutions fall off the rails, and unfortunately, we begin to revert into bad habits.

So, what do we do? We open more tabs instead of minimizing and focusing in the areas where we need to.

I want to encourage you (and myself) to close just a few of those tabs. Use a color-coded project system in which you can collapse several tabs at once. Create a curated bookmark list where you can save collections of tabs so that you only open them when you're focusing on that particular task. Or, if you're brave enough, close those tabs out altogether.

Streamline things. Focus in one or two specific areas where you are going to have the most amount of leverage to move your goals forward. And for the other items, go ahead and close them out.

Don't use tabs (whether it's in your browser or your brain) as a to-do list for yourself. Instead, remain intently focused on your goals and the areas where you are going to see the greatest progress. Free up your head space. Give yourself room to be able to dig into the areas that are most important to you. Help yourself compartmentalize so that your work tasks remain at work and your home time is left to focus on your family, your friends, and your connections that mean the most to you.

I would love to hear about the tabs that you are closing for yourself! Please share with me on social media @thelearningloop so that we can celebrate together.


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