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Stuck in a feeling of overwhelm? 

Struggling to focus on the people and things most important to you?


Imperfectly Productive guides you to lean into your fullest potential, crafting goals, then moving them from promise to consistent and sustained practice.


This course supports working professionals structure your chaos and reclaim your joy. But it's more than that.

It's a commitment to yourself and who you want to become - whether you're someone looking to launch a business or carve out 30 minutes a day for a quiet cup of tea and a good book.

This space - and this community - is for you.

Who This Is For

You know in your heart and gut you've been playing small.

And if you're really brutally honest with yourself, you were meant for bigger things.

There's a little voice inside you that says, "Go bigger. Take the leap."

There's greatness inside you screaming to come out, but you feel... 

Overwhelmed (white).png


You're looking for  consistent structures you can replicate each week/month/quarter to make goal setting and planning more effective.

Icon - Distracted.png


You have some systems in place, but there are still pockets of time when you get lost in your inbox and social media feeds.

Icon - Ineffective.png


As hard as you try, you still end the day with a strand of incomplete action items that add up as the week continues.

Explore the Course Modules

Imperfectly Productive is more than a course - it's a community.

As an adult learning specialist, I understand that organizational systems and workflows mean nothing without the people driving them.


Here you'll find exceptional content, carefully curated and sequenced, but you'll also find the connection necessary to keep you committed each step of the way.

Course Roadmap.png

Ready to lean into your fullest potential?

See what people say about Allison's work:

shutterstock_1687065595 (cropped & recolored).jpg

If you are fortunate enough to get the opportunity to work

with Allison, say YES.

But beware, she will change

you and your organization

(all for the better).

Allison understands the challenges of being a working parent, is relentless in her pursuit of excellence, and seems to always know how to do more with less.

Marcia DeSalvo


Allison is a consummate professional who leads by example, and her professional talents are only outdone by her affability and authenticity.

Walter McKenzie

Allison has a clear vision

to ensure individual's professional learning needs

are supported. The work she

does is ultra-organized

and professional.


Allison is one of the handful

of people I know who is,

in a word, stellar.

She is knowledgeable 

and passionate about

professional learning.

Jessica Kilmetz

shutterstock_1687065595 (cropped & recolored & flipped).jpg

Allison is a dynamic presenter. She incorporates the multiple roles she's had within education to create specific educational experiences that meet the needs of each learner in the room.

Whenever I am building a conference or convening, Allison is one of the first people I reach out to.


Barry Saide

and Focused

Imperfectly Productive meets you where you are. 


Whether you scribble your "to do" list on a paper towel each morning or have a complex hybrid planning system, Allison's strong background in personalized adult learning ensures the course design provides multiple points of entry and depth.


This course is grounded in research focused on goal-setting, habit formation, and andragogy (adult learning theory). But it was also designed by an experienced adult learning specialist who recognizes that theory doesn't operate in a vacuum.

The modules aren't just content-rich -

they're practice-driven and move learners

from idea to action.

So what's included?


  • Course includes 4-6 lessons per week strategically paced over 6 weeks to keep you focused and on track with weekly reminders to dig in.

  • Videos walk you through each concept with closed captions, transcripts, audio downloads, and a keyword searchable video database to maximize your time.


  • A course roadmap with recommended times for each activity helps you schedule your time in achievable planning blocks.

  • Editable and printable planning tools intentionally paired with every lesson nudge you to move from idea to action.


  • Additional resources extend your learning and encourage you to dig more deeply into the topics that interest you the most.


  • Quarterly Q&A sessions provide both synchronous and asynchronous opportunities for you to get feedback and avoid becoming stuck.​


About Me

As a small business owner, author, and parent of three, I understand the importance of calendars, organization systems, and complex task management.

While our life is full of color codes and labels, I also know how easy it is to fall off track with crazy sports schedules, missed flights, and forgetting to defrost dinner.


I've integrated my experience as an educator, leadership coach, and adult learning specialist to help working professionals design systems and workflows to get (and keep) it all together.

Imperfectly Productive offers a six-module course to structure your chaos and reclaim your joy. Let's grow together!

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