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We Have a Turkey Problem

A turkey attacked me in our garage.

I've previously shared about my love for holiday decorating. I truly enjoy it, but this means I spend a good amount of time hauling boxes up and down our garage attic stairs as the seasons change.

Several months ago I was moving boxes of bobbles around when an enormous turkey flew into the garage and paced laps around the circumference, knocking over every object in its path.

I froze. The turkey pecked and prodded a bit more.

Then I screamed (a myriad of phrases). And he eventually flew out the door.

Our family lives in the "Goldilocks" of suburbia, if you will. Our kids walk to school yet we're within a 10-minute drive to a major city. We can access beaches, Broadway shows, beautiful forests, and shopping oases - all in under two hours. Yet, even here, we have a turkey problem. We have things that paralyze us and make it difficult to move forward. Regardless of whether schools are public or private, working with students in the city, the suburbs, or rural areas, we all have a turkey problem right now. Things continue to peck and prod at us from different directions, and as a result, we're paralyzed and afraid to move forward, particularly in the professional learning space. While we know changes need to be made, we're hesitant to push too much, shift too much, or schedule too much. My conversations with district and school leaders frequently begin with the phrase, "We're just not sure..." Unfortunately, this paralysis and lack of forward movement is beginning to hinder our staff members more than help them. It's time to begin making some noise.

That's why this month, I am offering free 30-minute thought partnership sessions to the members of this community. Use this space to share your challenges and what's holding you back from taking the next steps in professional learning for yourself and/or your staff members. Together, we can develop a plan for action.

Let's move forward together.

Snag a time that works for your schedule, and a Zoom link will be set up for us automatically. Coffee is welcome and encouraged.

If you already know what your community needs, click here to review my professional learning services. I'd love to discuss how we might partner to make your professional learning more personal and purposeful.


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