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Empowering Learners by Stepping Forward

I'm going to nudge you just a little bit to step forward. Not to step forward in the sense that you are delivering content or the "sage on the stage." But I want you to step forward into the messy places, the ones that call on you to be a true advocate on behalf of your learners.

  • What do they need to be successful that they may not be able to access or realize themselves?

  • How can you, as a teacher, a leader, or a professional learning facilitator, be that advocate for them?

  • How can you have the tough conversation, access the resources that they need, and ensure that they have the tools necessary to learn as effectively as possible?

As a leader or professional learning facilitator, this might mean developing a better understanding of what your teachers' needs are as we look ahead to the spring and to next year and ensuring that they have both the content and the tools to be successful in their spaces.

As a teacher, it means giving your learners space to provide you with feedback about what they need so that you can maximize every instructional minute you have together.

Collectively, we need to feel comfortable pushing, stepping forward on behalf of our learners, even when the conversations are tough and the resources are slim, to get them what they need to ultimately be successful. You're their advocate. We need you to speak on their behalf.

I would love to hear from you on social media some of the ways that you are empowering the learners in your spaces by stepping forward on their behalf. Please share with me @thelearningloop and we can continue learning together.


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