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Building and Expanding Learner Networks

In some ways, our networks have been a bit stunted over the course of the past year. We have not had the opportunity to connect at conferences or go to as many district or school professional learning events and experiences that we might like. But this is not an excuse to stop growing our networks.

These connections with colleagues - not just from within our school but across the world - enable us to continue to grow, push ourselves in new ways, and see things from a different perspective. We need to be able to understand what this work looks like in different spaces, from different angles, and for different people. This week I am challenging you to expand your own learner network by at least three people.

Find someone new to follow on Twitter, Instagram, or connect with via email. This is an opportunity not just to see what one another are up to but expand your network in a way that gives you new perspective and ideas.

I would love to hear who you're connecting with and why. Please share with me on social media @thelearningloop so that I can learn from you as well as the other individuals that you're connecting with.


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