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Planting Promising Practices

There are so many new ideas that we have employed over the course of the past year. And as we look to wind up this school year, I want to ensure that in our rush to get things finished, we're not losing so many of those great ideas, approaches, and strategies that we've hatched over the course of the past twelve months.

So this week, I want to encourage you to keep a quick list. Jot down some of the practices that perhaps were new for you this year or that you refined or adjusted just a little bit and capture them in a space where you will be able to come back and revisit them time and time again.

Too often in education, some of our best ideas get lost amid the busyness, the craziness, and the ever-expanding to do lists that fill up our desks and our spaces. So while you are here in this moment, take time as you're packing boxes, putting books on shelves and, for some of you, taking those final assessments to jot down the apps, the programs, the tools, as well as the strategies that have really moved your practice forward. Whether you be in the classroom or facilitating professional learning in a virtual space or a conference room with other staff members, there's a real opportunity here to ensure that the learning we've captured doesn't get lost. Make just a little bit of reflection time and space for yourself so that we're able to come back to these good ideas time and time again.

I would love to hear from you on social media about some of those promising practices that you're planting firmly and deeply in your space. Please share with me @thelearningloop so that we can continue to grow together. Have a great week!


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