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Goal-Driven and Reality-Grounded

In the first half of March, very few of us could have predicted that we would end up here six months later. The ways in which we connect, learn, collaborate, and do business (both personally and professionally) have taken on a completely new complexion. We walk into Zoom rooms more regularly than board rooms, offices, or classrooms, and chat boxes have become more normal that texting. We are still connecting and growing, but the platforms and places in which those transactions take place look and feel very different.

As a result, it is difficult to remain goal-driven when our reality, logistics, and priorities continuously shift. A learning approach or business model that may have been right on target one month is completely misaligned by the time we are able to get up to speed and on the runway. It is natural, then, to feel frustrated and want to abandon our goals - for both personal and professional growth.

When setting goals at the beginning of a year or quarter, we tend to look over the horizon - to think BIG and long-term. It is ambitious, vision-minded, and what gives us the drive to keep reaching for what's next. However, in a climate that is constantly in flux, it can be helpful to focus just as firmly on the next 1%. What would it take to move you just 1% closer to bigger dreams, loftier goals, and stronger habits?

Here are some ideas:

  • Wake up five minutes earlier each day

  • Add 250 steps to your daily step goal

  • Drink four ounces more water than yesterday

  • Write 50 more words than the day before

  • Connect with one student, teammate, colleague, or prospective client

  • Journal, meditate, or breathe deeply for two additional minutes

  • Spend five minutes less on email and phone calls and five minutes more on what makes you amazing

Being goal-driven doesn't mean we have to always reach for growth that is other-worldly.

We can start small, right where we are. And we can start today.

What step will you take today to be 1% better than yesterday?


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