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Do It Scared

Moving from a Place of Uncertainty

While I am (still) not a great cook, I am consistently meal planning and cooking more than ever before. Yet, our sink is strangely void of dirty dishes. Amid the current uncertainty of world affairs, the constant hum of breakfast, lunch, and dinner - and the subsequent dish rinsing and dishwasher loading - has brought me some consistency. And while this routine is calming, I worry about its impact - longer term - on our willingness to take risks.

In our "normal" busyness and chaos of school, errands, practices, and appointments, one more leap seemed negligible - an easy lift amid already fast-moving days. In some ways, we didn't even allow ourselves time to question if we're scared. But when we're standing still, at home, these "moves" seem a bit more paramount.

Discomfort Versus Challenge

Our current state of work and school from home is certainly uncomfortable for most of us, but I wonder if we're mistaking our discomfort as challenge - real challenge? Are we taking this opportunity to push beyond discomfort into the scary spaces - the ones where we know we will most likely fail (at least the first few times)?

I do not discount the extreme coordination that most family schedules require right now, but I don't know that it is any different than before - it's simply, different. As we reset routines and rituals, my hope is that there is still room for challenge. I hope that we are continuing to push ourselves and others not just to self-manage, but also to collectively grow. Challenge is more than staying afloat - it's about pushing beyond and doing it scared, even amid the uncertainty.

Push Beyond

What is one way you plan to challenge yourself this week? 👊

The circumstances will never be perfect. We will always find an excuse.

Do it scared and don't look back.


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