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Auld Lang Syne

Well folks, we made it, 2022! And what an adventure it has been. While many of you may still have some lingering holiday decorations and possibly a little bit of eggnog left in the fridge, I know that for most of us we are right back in the thick of it with students. And as I reflected on the new year, I thought back to an old blog post that I wrote at the end of January 2019. What a different time it was at that point, but it struck me how those words still rang true - perhaps more so for us in this moment of 2022 - than they did three years ago.

The Scottish phrase "Auld Lang Syne" refers to "the old days," and too often when we start the new year, it is immediately coupled with a "new you." We take on more and more things and layer to our task lists in a way that we simply don't have the capacity to do. We certainly didn't have that capacity one, two, or three years ago, and most definitely don't have it today. So as you think about those old days, whether it happened to be back in December or ten years ago, and embrace the new year that's before you, I want you to consider:

  • What are the things that you can let go of?

  • What are the "old days" and the "old ways" that may not be presently serving you in the best way possible?

Let them go. Because as we take on new habits, new routines, and new ways of going about our day to move into a better version of ourselves, we also need to recognize that those moves forward also require moves away - away from strategies, tools, actions, and any items that take up our time that may not be moving us towards the goals that we have for ourselves, our schools, and our students in this moment.

So this week, I'm encouraging you to let go of the old days. Embrace where you are right now in this present moment and know that it's okay to "just be." If you choose to take on new things, please let some things go. I want to ensure that this new year not only reflects perhaps what might be a new version of you, but also a stronger version of you. One that starts strong and stays strong.

Please share with me on social media @thelearningloop some of the new things you're adding, but more importantly, some of the things you're taking away as you look ahead to 2022.


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