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Four Mindsets to Motivate Learners

ASCD 2016 Annual Conference

Atlanta, Georgia

The following resources complement a session presented at the ASCD 2016 Annual Conference in Atlanta, Georgia on non-cognitive factors that influence student motivation:

General Resources


"This work has value for me."


"My ability and competence grow with my effort."

- The Power of Yet, Glenn Whitman

- The Key to Success? Grit, Angela Duckworth (TED Talk)

- The Power of Yet, Sesame Street

- You Failed, Meet the Robinsons


"I can succeed at this."


"I belong in this academic community."

- Got Opportunity?, Russell Quaglia, Kristine Fox, and Michael Corso

- Student Voice and Resilience in Learning, Kristine Fox, Megan Bedford, and Brian Connelly

- My Voice Survey Sample Questions, Quaglia Institute for Student Aspirations

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