Leadership through the Looking Glass

ASCD 2014 Annual Conference

Los Angeles, California

This content was presented by ASCD 2013 Emerging Leader Allison Rodman and 2012 Emerging Leader Krista Leh Rundell as part of an Ignite series on teacher leadership at the ASCD 2014 Annual Conference in Los Angeles, CA. Allison and Krista used this format to explore the characteristics of effective teacher leaders, comparing them to Alice in Wonderland.

You may have been asked by a mentor to lead.

You may feel drawn to lead.

You may want to push yourself to grow.

Teacher leadership requires that you be open to new experiences – and to learning.

Take the first step.

You need to trust your abilities.

You wouldn’t be in this position if people didn’t believe in you, so…

Believe in those who believe in you.

Don’t doubt your talent.

Know who you are.

Not everyone is going to understand why you want to step into this role; some may even question your motives.

It will require you to carefully straddle two worlds.

Sometimes you will feel torn in different directions.

Build a PLN.

Look outside the classroom and school for professional learning opportunities.

It may SEEM like more work at first, but the connections will leave you refreshed and re-invigorated.

Grow it through local networking opportunities, Twitter, and conferences – start today.

Be flexible.

You will feel your views growing and changing; this is normal.

You may find yourself questioning your previous beliefs; this is not a sign of weakness.

Keep stretching.

Trust the journey.

Sometimes you will feel you are moving a million miles a minute.

Other times you will feel you are barely moving a mile a minute and it feels as though you’re going nowhere

This is normal too.

Always be solution-oriented.

See the possibilities.

Leadership will open up opportunities for you to see what’s possible.

Your networks will help you identify solutions you may not have even seen.