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Keynote and Workshop Topics

Cultivating Educator Wellness and Social Emotional Growth

The following learning experiences support districts and schools with cultivating educator wellness and social emotional growth. Depending on an organization's needs, each of these topics can be facilitated in the following formats:

  • 45-60 minute keynote (virtual or in-person) with an optional 60-90-minute interactive workshop

  • 60-minute interactive workshop (virtual)

  • 90-minute interactive workshop (virtual or in-person)

  • 2-hour interactive workshop (in-person)

  • 3-hour interactive workshop (in-person)

The length of the learning experience will determine the level of depth, learner collaboration, and volume of tools and resources explored.

Many organizations choose to explore topics over 2-3 virtual sessions to allow for depth of exploration and learner processing and reflection time between engagements. Pre-recorded webinars on these topics can also be arranged for organizations with large numbers of asynchronous learners. There is an additional fee for organizations who wish to record live sessions.

Please contact us using our Bookings page to schedule a learning experience directly or setup a complimentary planning call.

More topics coming soon!

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Creating Socially and Emotionally Inspired Spaces Where Adults Thrive

District Leaders, School Leaders

School culture has a tremendous impact on leader and teacher efficacy and our responsibility as educators to be model learners for students. Examine the tenets of self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making as key levers to create socially and emotionally inspired spaces where adults thrive. Diagnose your strengths and growth opportunities as a leader in each of these areas and develop an action plan to address areas of need. Topics include understanding oneself as a learner, keep yourself “whole,” sharing vulnerability, facilitating powerful conversations, and making constructive choices to grow as a learning organization.

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