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Keynote and Workshop Topics

Facilitating Personalized Professional Learning

The following learning experiences support districts and schools with facilitating personalized professional learning experiences. Depending on an organization's needs, each of these topics can be facilitated in the following formats:

  • 45-60 minute keynote (virtual or in-person) with an optional 60-90-minute interactive workshop

  • 60-minute interactive workshop (virtual)

  • 90-minute interactive workshop (virtual or in-person)

  • 2-hour interactive workshop (in-person)

  • 3-hour interactive workshop (in-person)

The length of the learning experience will determine the level of depth, learner collaboration, and volume of tools and resources explored.

Many organizations choose to explore topics over 2-3 virtual sessions to allow for depth of exploration and learner processing and reflection time between engagements. Pre-recorded webinars on these topics can also be arranged for organizations with large numbers of asynchronous learners. There is an additional fee for organizations who wish to record live sessions.

Please contact us using our Bookings page to schedule a learning experience directly or setup a complimentary planning call.

More topics coming soon!


Personalized Professional Learning: Facilitating for Growth

Teacher Leaders, Aspiring Teacher Leaders, Professional Learning Facilitators

Paradigm-shifting professional learning builds upon purposeful and personalized design and leverages the art of facilitation. To effectively meet the needs of adult learners, our engagement with them must begin before they enter the professional learning space and continue beyond the session itself. Explore purposeful and personalized ways to prime, usher, and launch learners into professional learning experiences, provide consistent and meaningful opportunities for social construction, and foster connections in the “gray space” between synchronous face-to-face and virtual engagements. Learn how to best utilize your voice as a facilitator to amplify the voices and experiences of learners.


Mirrors and Windows: Personalized Professional Learning that Encourages Self-Reflection and Connection


Teachers dedicate so much time and energy to their students that they often have little left to be learners themselves. Join me to explore mirrors and windows - ways to bend time and space and make time for self-reflection and connection in a personalized way that supports teacher growth. Learn self-care strategies to re-energize your body and mind and inspire your spirit.


Crafting Space: An Introduction to Facilitating Effective Virtual Professional Learning

District Leaders, School Leaders, Professional Learning Facilitators

Facilitating effective professional learning looks much different in a Zoom room or learning management system than it does in a classroom or auditorium. Examine research-based practices for effective virtual adult learning experiences. Develop an understanding of the concepts of priming, ushering, launching, socially constructing, and extending the learning loop (PULSE) as a framework for designing and facilitating effective virtual professional learning experiences. Reflect on how these concepts can improve the quality of participants’ virtual professional learning design and facilitation.


Monitoring Learner Progress in Virtual Spaces

Professional Learning Facilitators, Teachers

Whether we are facilitating for student or adult learners, it can be challenging to monitor learner progress, particularly when we are collaborating in virtual space. Share challenges monitoring learner progress in a virtual versus a face-to-face environment. Identify virtual mechanisms for capturing learner growth at multiple depths of understanding. Explore varied approaches for providing learner feedback in virtual spaces. Consider and share digital tools to support monitoring learner progress.

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