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Keynote and Workshop Topics

Designing Personalized Professional Learning

The following learning experiences support districts and schools with designing personalized professional learning experiences. Depending on an organization's needs, each of these topics can be facilitated in the following formats:

  • 45-60 minute keynote (virtual or in-person) with an optional 60-90-minute interactive workshop

  • 60-minute interactive workshop (virtual)

  • 90-minute interactive workshop (virtual or in-person)

  • 2-hour interactive workshop (in-person)

  • 3-hour interactive workshop (in-person)

The length of the learning experience will determine the level of depth, learner collaboration, and volume of tools and resources explored.

Many organizations choose to explore topics over 2-3 virtual sessions to allow for depth of exploration and learner processing and reflection time between engagements. Pre-recorded webinars on these topics can also be arranged for organizations with large numbers of asynchronous learners. There is an additional fee for organizations who wish to record live sessions.

Please contact us using our Bookings page to schedule a learning experience directly or setup a complimentary planning call.


Pardon the Innovation: Adult Learning in a Digital Age

Professional Learning Facilitators

The learning landscape continues to shift for both students and adults. Learning management systems, digital badging, and micro-credentials have opened the door for an entirely new world of professional learning. Despite this, many districts/schools have been slow to offer these opportunities to educators because the systems for accountability, implementation, and subsequent growth have not kept pace with the tools themselves. Explore ways to offer personalized professional learning to your staff through podcasts, Twitter and Voxer chats, digital book clubs, blogs, and more. Collaborate on strategies to meet educator needs and provide them with voice and choice in their professional learning while still making progress towards district/school goals. Be ready to stretch your thinking about adult learning - what it is and what it has the potential to become.


Personalized Professional Learning Needs Assessment and Goal-Setting

District Leaders, School Leaders, Professional Learning Facilitators

Professional learning that is truly responsive and personalized requires facilitators to make thoughtful and intentional decisions in the planning, design, and facilitation phases. Engage in thought partnership to identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) in your organization’s work designing and facilitating high quality personalized professional learning. Utilize the results of our SWOT analysis to focus specific team needs and individual growth opportunities. Examine team’s learning preferences and collaborative approaches (as well as potential constraints) to set goals and strategy(s) to address learning, design, and facilitation needs.


Using Staff and Student Data to Design Personalized Professional Learning Pathways

District Leaders, School Leaders, Professional Learning Facilitators

Leverage a leadership coach throughout your personalized professional learning planning process. Collaborate together to design and administer a staff needs assessment, collecting data on professional learning preferences related topic, timing, format, length, frequency, and implementation mode. Explore how to triangulate staff needs assessment results, student achievement and growth data, and observation data to design personalized professional learning pathways. Develop a personalized professional learning plan that incorporates staff needs and interests in conjunction with student needs that is aligned to the school/district mission and accelerates learning across the system.


Personalized Professional Learning: Designing with Purpose

Teacher Leaders, Aspiring Teacher Leaders, Professional Learning Facilitators

Breaking free from the traditional workshop mold of content delivery, strategy sharing, and action planning can be a challenging shift for many professional learning designers. Personalized professional learning begins with learner voice and invites learners into the co-creation process. Use examples of professional learning diagnostics to build your own pre-assessment tool and collaborate with other designers to create pathways that consider varied learning preferences, offer choice, and engage learners not just as participants, but as true co-creators. Leave with a plan to move beyond traditional workshops and trainings to design deeply engaging professional learning experiences that positively impact educator practice.

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