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You know adult learning experiences can be better.

Tired of boring workshops and trainings?

Unsure how to engage adult learners in a way that moves beyond lecture to integrated learning?


Leveraging Our PULSE guides you step-by-step to design and facilitate empowering professional learning experiences. Learn how to plan staff and team meetings, workshops, professional learning communities, and conference sessions that feel like experiences rather than calendar obligations.

This 5-module cohort-based virtual course will leave you ready to facilitate empowering experiences all the way from invitation to evaluation.

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Who This Is For

You're a manager who knows your team meetings aren't effective.

You're a school leader who struggles to energize staff during monthly gatherings.

You're a coach who's strong one-on-one but needs support with groups.

You're a teacher leader who understands student learning but realizes adults are wired differently. 

Perhaps you feel...

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You're looking for a consistent design cycle you can replicate for each learning experience to make your planning more focused and efficient.



You need insight on adult learning theory that is practical and action-driven. You want guidance around adult motivation, strong practices in group dynamics, and ideas for integrating and extending learning beyond each synchronous engagement.



You seek new ways to market, frame, and structure your learning experiences to draw learners in (and keep them there).

Explore the Course Modules

Leveraging Our PULSE is more than a course - it's a community.

As an adult learning specialist, I understand that agendas and action planning tools mean nothing without the people driving them.


Here you'll find exceptional content, carefully curated and sequenced, but you'll also find the connection necessary to keep you committed each step of the way.

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Ready to design empowering learning experiences?

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See what people say about Allison's work:

Allison is a consummate professional who leads by example, and her professional talents are only outdone by her affability and authenticity.

Allison was invited to lead a presentation entitled "Professional Learning Branding, Design and Facilitation." It was a packed session, and I was struck by how Allison personally connected with everyone in the room, as she engaged them in a thoughtful examination of their work as leaders. It was a highlight

of the conference.

Walter McKenzie

If you are fortunate enough to get the opportunity to work

with Allison, say YES.

But beware, she will change

you and your organization

(all for the better).

Marcia DeSalvo

Allison has a clear vision

to ensure individual's professional learning needs

are supported. The work she

does is ultra-organized

and professional.


Allison is one of the handful

of people I know who is,

in a word, stellar.

She is knowledgeable 

and passionate about

professional learning.

Jessica Kilmetz

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Allison is a dynamic presenter. She incorporates the multiple roles she's had within education to create specific educational experiences that meet the needs of each learner in the room.

Barry Saide

Whenever I am building a conference or convening, Allison is one of the first people I reach out to.


So what's included?


  • Course includes 2-4 lessons per week strategically paced over 5 weeks to keep you focused and on track with weekly reminders to dig in.

  • Videos walk you through each concept with closed captions, transcripts, audio downloads, and a keyword searchable video database to maximize your time.


  • Design collaboratives for each facilitation principle offer space for you to share your work and learn from others' samples.

  • Ongoing access allows you to keep contributing to this learning community - even after the course - to extend and deepen your facilitation skills.


  • A course roadmap with recommended times for each activity helps you schedule your time in achievable planning blocks.

  • Printable planning tools intentionally paired with every lesson nudge you to move from idea to action.

  • Additional resources extend your learning and encourage you to dig more deeply into the topics that interest you the most.


  • Pop Up Q&A sessions provide both synchronous and asynchronous opportunities for you to get feedback and avoid becoming stuck.

  • Embedded question forms allow you to capture your confusion "in the moment" and get the answers you need.


About Me

I have 20+ years experience as a teacher, coach, leader, and professional learning consultant.

...and I've attended WAY too many bad trainings.

I've learned that the skills educators develop for strong curriculum design and lesson planning don't always translate for adults. And similarly, the courses managers take rarely address high quality professional learning and facilitation. 


So I became intensely focused on understanding how adults learn, what motivates us, and what makes learning meaningful. So intense that I wrote a book... and started another.

But I wanted to enable managers, leaders, coaches, and teachers to access the strategies and tools I've developed in a way that felt manageable and actionable.

Leveraging Our PULSE offers a five-week sprint course in adult learning with opportunities for additional coaching personalized to your individual needs. Let's grow together!

Choose Your Next Step:

+ Personalized Coaching
Foundations Package

Course (blue bkgrd).png

Fall Cohort from October 21 to November 23

  • 5 Modules

  • 16 Lessons

  • Fully Searchable Video Database

  • 14 Design Collaboratives

  • Planning Tools

  • Extension Resources

  • Pop Up Q&A Sessions


Fall 2022 / Winter 2023 Coaching

  • Personalized Feedback on 1 Professional Learning Session Design

  • Personalized Feedback on 3 Recorded Professional Learning Engagements

  • 1 One-on-One Coaching Session

Coaching Foundations.png
Course (white bkgrd).png

Fall Cohort from October 21 to November 23

  • 5 Modules

  • 16 Lessons

  • Fully Searchable Video Database

  • 14 Design Collaboratives

  • Planning Tools

  • Extension Resources

  • Pop Up Q&A Sessions

+ Personalized Coaching
Growth Package

Course (blue bkgrd).png

Fall Cohort from October 21 to November 23

  • 5 Modules

  • 16 Lessons

  • Fully Searchable Video Database

  • 14 Design Collaboratives

  • Planning Tools

  • Extension Resources

  • Pop Up Q&A Sessions


Fall 2022 / Winter 2023 / Spring 2023 Coaching

  • Personalized Feedback on 2 Professional Learning Session Designs

  • Personalized Feedback on 6 Recorded Professional Learning Engagements

  • 3 One-on-One Coaching Sessions

Coaching Growth.png

Looking for a summer learning experience?

We have summer cohort planned for June/July 2023.

Join the waiting list, and we'll let you know when registration opens.

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