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Growing Whole



A critical part of being a constant learner is listening and responding to your partners. 

You spoke - we listened.

Your just not ready for this gathering - yet - and that is okay. We'll be here when you are.


Until then, please continue to follow our social media feeds and YouTube channel for tools and resources to stretch yourself, reflect, and recover. We need each and every one of you with us for the long game. Stay healthy and safe! 

Growing Whole: A Virtual Gathering to Cultivate Whole Educators is a professional learning experience, hosted by The Learning Loop, to bring together educators across the system for connection, collaboration, and a collective pause.


This professional learning experience will include pathways for leaders, coaches, and teachers focused on supporting one another to be healthy, safe, engaged, supported, and challenged.


The gathering will consist of live sessions, networking huddles, strategy spaces, and recovery pauses across role-oriented and tenet-driven virtual pathways over three days.


Learners will reconvene every 6-8 weeks to deepen their learning and extend their connections. Registration will be available in daily or full gathering packages. Those who opt for the full gathering will have full access.

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