The Role of the Modern Educator

April 1, 2014

#ASCDL2L is a monthly chat with an ASCD leader and ASCD author.  I had the honor to chat with Michael Fisher (@fisher1000) about "The Role of the Modern Educator."  


Together, we explored the following questions:

  • What do teachers need to consider about the world their students live in?  

  • If information is available everywhere now, what is the role of the modern teacher?

  • How does an “information surplus,” as @dlaufenberg puts it, impact the way we teach in the modern classroom?

  • Are schools becoming time machines of what has been traditionally valued?  Are traditions important in school? 

  • What is the difference between doing and learning? What is the balance of doing vs. learning in schools today?

  • What implications does modern learning have for what needs to happen in community/school partnerships?

  • How do we help parents understand modern needs? (Especially if different from the way they were in school)?

  • What year are you preparing your students for? Pls answer w/ A8


Check out Kevin Scott's (@Edu_Kevin_) Storify for a transcript of the chat.


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